GECANCELD Internationaal congres Alleengeboren tweelingen

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26 oktober 2018 @ 15:00 – 28 oktober 2018 @ 16:00
Schönwalder Allee 26/3
13587 Berlin

Van vrijdag tot en met zondag is er in Berlijn een internationaal congres voor en over alleengeboren tweelingen. Ik zelf zal deze dagen twee workshops verzorgen.
Voertaal Duits en Engels.

Workshop 1
“Supporting womb twin survivors through family constellations”
Family constellations are a great tool to work with if you want to help WTS to get back energy to live life fully to the max.

In the last 7 year’s, Aranka has accompanied hundreds of womb twin survivors through constellations. The power of this method is that you actually see what happens. Many WTS are not in their own place, viewed from a family system. The way they sometimes move between their own place and the place of their deceased twin is often very subtle. Balancing between life and death.
This workshop is for you who is already familiar with this way of work and would like to get more specific information on how to guide WTS better with this method.

Workshop 2
“Family constellations for womb twin survivors”
Are you a womb twin survivor and would you like to know more about how the loss of your twin has influenced your life? During this workshop, you have the opportunity to share your question and get an answer via a family constellation. There is maximum space for three questioners. But, being a representative in a constellation of someone else also gives you a lot of information about your own twin loss.

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